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Assad Schuitema

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Jenny Leclezio

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Armand Kruger

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Faique Fakier

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Jacques de Villiers

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Andries Nieuwoudt

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Thandie Balfour

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Charlotte Crisp

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Muhammad Faisal

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Anna Pucar Rimhagen

Associated Lean, Agile and Leadership Consultant - Sweden
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Bengt Savén

Associated Lean and Leadership Consultant and Lecturer - Sweden

We aspire to enable people to triumph as human beings.

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Etsko Schuitema

BA Hons (Wits)

Etsko, whose family was in mining, was exposed to the inner workings of the mining industry at a young age. At the University of the Witwatersrand he completed an honours degree in Social Anthropology before joining the Chamber of Mines of South Africa Research Organisation as a graduate researcher.

His work at the Chamber was initially focused on the issue of conflict in gold mines in the final eclipse of the apartheid regime. His groundbreaking work, dealing with conflict resolution, led to the development of a framework for understanding trust in this controversial industry.

As the Head of the Chamber’s Human Resources Laboratory Industry Project in the late 1980’s he went on to examine the fundamental criteria which exist in the relationship between employer and employee. The outcome was a unique perspective on leadership which subsequently has become known as the Care and Growth Leadership Model.

The application of the model in South Africa’s gold mines met with significant success, which led Etsko and a small group of colleagues to leave the Chamber of Mines with the objective of disseminating the model more widely.

In 1989 he founded Schuitema of which he is the Managing member. Since then the Care and Growth Model has been tested in disparate contexts, in 17 countries and on 5 continents.

In every context the basic premises of the model have been vindicated. Namely, that there is a fundamental connection between the problem of organizational excellence and personal excellence and that the nature of that connection is ethical and / or moral.

Dr Michael Jordaan, former CEO of FNB, has referred to Etsko as “the philosopher for the 21st Century”. A colleague says “He is a compassionate and intriguing man, a singularly original thinker and a charismatic presenter who woos a crowd of 300 as easily as one of 30 or less.”

Etsko lives on a small farm in South Africa. He is married and has four children. He finds some time for personal pursuits such as chanting with a group of friends.

Intent — Ampersand Press, 2004
Leadership — Ampersand Press, 1998 
Beyond Management — Southern Books, 1994 (out of print)


Fakhir Shah

Bsc Electrical Engineering, MBA Finance

As a child Fakhir read stories by the mystic Persian poet Rumi. Although unable to fully understand Rumi’s message he started relating what he had read to things happening around him. Gradually he became more reflective as he tried to understand the meaning in things happening within and outside himself.

Having a middle class background, there was family pressure to get a degree and to pursue a career in a good company. Fakhir opted for engineering, graduating in Electrical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore. However, on the sidelines, he continued his quest for understanding life by reading and sitting with Sufi masters. At the young age of 22 he was granted the authority to transmit by his Sufi master.

Initially he found professional life an enormous challenge as he tried to handle the apparent conflict between his training as a student of Sufism and the demands of a profession. Sufism had taught him to let go of outcomes and do the right thing, while the corporate world required the achievement of outcomes in the form of targets. Although he performed well in a competitive multinational business environment at the cutting edge of technology, he continued to seek a master key that could create harmony in all aspects of his life.

The answer came from a place he least expected. Within two hours of attending a two day workshop on Leadership: The Care and Growth Model facilitated by Etsko Schuitema in 2004, it became apparent that this was the master key he had been looking for all along.

Back at work he applied the Care and Growth concepts to his team in a way that led to spectacular results. Having experienced first hand the efficacy of the Care and Growth Model in a corporate context he decided to leave his career job and joined Schuitema in 2006.

Fakhir brings to Schuitema a rich experience in operations management, project management, sales and marketing management. With an MBA in finance he also has proficiency in business excellence.

He is currently Schuitema’s Managing Partner for the Middle East and Asia. He consults with Schuitema clients in Pakistan and internationally. Managers attending his workshops have found him to be very inspirational and report that he is able to offer simple but powerful solutions based on his understanding of the real issues and challenges which face them.

Fakhir lives in Lahore, a city he loves, and firmly believes that Pakistan is a land of opportunity because there is so much to contribute. He is married with three children. His areas of interest include personal excellence, the development sector, family and youth development. He is very fond of poetry and, when he gets the opportunity, to spend time idling in a park.


Cilette Harris

B.JURIS Post Graduate Diploma Communication and Journalism

Cilette is a Partner in the Schuitema Human Excellence Group. She holds a B.Juris degree from the University of North West; and completed a post graduate diploma in Communication and Journalism. She has 28 years’ experience in human excellence development and served in several roles in Human Resources, Organisation Development and Change Management/Transformation. She is an accredited Deep Democracy Facilitator in the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy.

Cilette implemented Schuitema’s Care and Growth leadership model at RMB Private Bank (2007 – 2010) during her tenure as the Head of Human Resources of FNB’s Wealth Segment. She has worked with Schuitema as an associate consultant since 2011 and joined the business as a partner in 2015.

Cilette has extensive experience in human excellence development, gained whilst working in various industries where she led teams in Business Consulting, Human Resources, Training and Development and Marketing. As a member of several executive committees, she played a major role in ensuring that leaders and teams were empowered to determine and contribute to business strategies and transformation.

Her passion is to help others to see possibility and opportunity. She first realised the value of reflection and solitude in her own development, whilst growing up on a farm in the North West province. She still enjoys quiet moments reading and listening to music, but also likes adrenaline based hobbies such as snow skiing and running. Cilette is married to Ken and loves spoiling her god children. She says ‘my personal growth has accelerated tremendously since I started changing the nature of my internal dialogue. Experiencing Schuitema’s personal excellence offering was life changing for me, and I would encourage anybody to attend the programme’.


Josh Hayman

After completing an Honours degree in Psychology at Rhodes and without any real career planning on his part, Josh found a home in the Project Management Consulting Industry. Working with Deloitte’s, The X-Pert Group, Business Connexion as well as for himself over a period of 12 years he spent time leading large, complex business transformation programmes as well as implementing project management best practice in the public and private sector. As a facilitator he has also amassed a wealth of experience in group process, helping more than 50 organisations with hundreds of workshops in the areas of employee and stakeholder engagement, strategy development and translation as well as personal development.

During this time Josh found that his most rewarding and satisfying work experiences came from helping people to better understand themselves and to connect with the people around them, and sought out ways of making this a more permanent part of his life.

This led to an introduction to Schuitema and the Care and Growth model, and Josh has been an associate of the business since then. Josh continues to enjoy working with teams and groups in particular, with experience in a variety of industries and organisational levels.

Josh grew up with one foot in Gauteng and the other in the Eastern Cape, which is where he now resides. He lives on a small farm on the east coast outside of East London with his wife Sally and two children, Neve and Jack. The whole family enjoy an active outdoor life, spending lots of time in the bush on running and mountain biking trails.


Helen Minty

PDM (HR) Wits Business School
MA (Professional Coaching) Middlesex University UK
NLP Master Practitioner
Trained Meta-Coach

Helen has been involved with Schuitema’s diagnostics for a number of years, conducting client interviews, analysing survey data and writing client reports. With a keen interest in Positive Psychology, she has found synergy with the Schuitema thematic, particularly the importance of offering service to others as a means of achieving one’s own self actualisation.

Having been born and raised just north of London, Helen began her career as a research scientist for Smith Kline and French in the UK. Deciding to spread her wings, she headed for the sunshine in South Africa, intending to work for a few years and move on. However, she fell in love with the country and its people and made this her home. Continuing her scientific focus, Helen became involved in Quality Assurance and worked as Good Manufacturing Practice Officer for Sabax-Keagrams. When she was asked to develop a programme and train the entire company, from cleaners to the Managing Director, in GMP, she found her other love, human development, and shifted gears into the Human Resources field.

Helen then pursued her education through Wits Business School with a Postgraduate qualification in Management (Human Resources) as well as training programme design and became a Development Specialist. She was instrumental in the establishment of a Leadership Assessment process at Sabax, the creation of a new Performance Management system and the start-up of a World Class Manufacturing initiative. She was appointed as Training and Development Manager at Adcock Ingram Wholesale in 1995.

Since 1997, Helen has been an independent consultant. In 2002, she found a niche in coaching and has furthered her personal growth as a Business Coach, focusing particularly on applying positive psychological principles to leadership coaching.

Helen has had a consummate passion for horses since a child and she has been able to human combine this with her passion for human development in her hobbies as a TTouch Practitioner, a Biomechanics Riding Instructor and a dressage judge. Helen uses Learning Theory to inform her work with the horse / human dynamic and assists people in understand how to apply this in terms of training their own horses.

Helen conducted ground breaking research into enhancing Emotional Intelligence through interaction with horses. She continues to hold Life Coaching workshops where people have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and further their personal growth with horses as their teachers. 


Ghulam Kafeel Majal

Ghulam Kafeel Majal is a qualified engineer from the Punjab University, Lahore.

He has more than 35 years of experience in business intelligence, operational excellence, planning, project management and human resource management. Kafeel has worked in leadership positions over multicultural workforces in entities like Descon Engineering both as Profit Center Head and as Support Function Head. His last portfolio there was Head of Human Resource and Administration. Kafeel played a leading role to establish a transparent and responsive HR culture throughout the organization covering all of its establishments in Pakistan and GCC countries.

He also built up from scratch, the in-house training function and effectively utilized the training function both as a tool for productivity enhancement and transformation of the organization culture.

Kafeel later on served Etimaad Engineering as Vice President for various assignments. He played a pioneering role in operations and business support function management, talent identification and talent development.

He has widely travelled the GCC countries, North America, Australia, the UK, besides Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Nigeria and India. He enjoys interacting with people of diverse backgrounds and believes in the abundance mentality.

Kafeel believes in learning being a lifelong vocation. He loves to read and his reading interests include energy economy, business management and political economy. He is fond of poetry and uses it effectively in his communication. Of late, he  has had a growing interest towards Epistemology. His goal is to develop a practical framework in the local context for a learning organization. He keenly follows the application of technology for democratization of knowledge.

Kafeel has been a guest speaker at various universities in Pakistan and has conducted a large number of knowledge sharing sessions. His passion is to identify, polish and hone talent towards its fullest potential. Many of his subordinates are now leaders in their respective fields.   


Jenny Leclezio

Bachelor of Social Science  – University of Natal (B.Soc. Sci)
Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations – University of Natal (Post Grad Dip IR)
Professional Coaching Certificate (ACC, Professional Coaching Certificate, UCT GSB) 

Jenny is a skilled People Practitioner with 28 years’ experience in Human Resources. Her work has included HR Strategy, leadership development, change management, culture, facilitation, coaching and transformation. She is also qualified as an Integral Coach (Professional Coaching Certificate (ACC, Professional Coaching Certificate, UCT GSB); and accredited as a Deep Democracy Trainer in the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy.

Up until the 2015 she was in formal employment and served as the Human Resources Director of various businesses with in the AVI Group from 2001 to 2014 including IT (AVI IT shared services), FMCG (Snackworks) and retail (Spitz & Green Cross).  For the last 7 years she has, in addition to the HR Director roles, managed the BBBEE transformation portfolio for AVI including chairing the AVI Community Trust. 

Jenny has a proven track record in partnering with Managing Directors to deliver business strategy through mobilising and aligning the human capital.  She has used the Care and Growth model extensively in her career to support this work. She has a unique and creative way of looking at issues and brings a commercial understanding to her approach.

Jenny lives in Bryanston Johannesburg with her husband and her three children. She is very involved in Education-based community projects and serves on the boards of a number of NGO’s, most notably Chairperson of the Kliptown Youth Program.


Assad Schuitema

MA (Philosophy) University of the Witwatersrand

Assad grew up on a small holding south of Johannesburg. As the son of Etsko Schuitema, Assad was immersed in the Schuitema thematic from an early age. At the age of sixteen Assad became convinced of the importance of sharing the ethical ideology defended by the Schuitema thematic with anyone who is receptive to it.

To this end Assad pursued his masters in philosophy. His exposure to the thoughts of the most prominent schools of thought within western philosophy further convinced him of the conceptual coherence of the ideas defended by the Schuitema thematic. In particular he recognised a strong correlation between the Schuitema thematic and the dominant ethical philosophies of antiquity. In philosophy Assad therefore found a very rich and sophisticated tradition that supports the ideas defended by the Schuitema thematic.

Along with his academic exploration Assad founded and ran a football team for young men from the local township, which was a project in which he learnt a great deal about the humility and care that is required to effectively lead a group of young men.

What is absolutely apparent is that the theoretical coherence of the Schuitema thematic is borne out by its applicability in every domain of application, from high theory in philosophy to large corporations to sports teams, and even down to individual inter-personal relationships. Any ideology or philosophy that has such a broad applicability has much to offer and Assad is hopeful that many others will manage to apply it in their lives to great benefit.


Jacques de Villiers

Jacques is a relative newcomer to the Schuitema family (circa 2014). The Schuitema thematic immediately resonated with him. Thus, he is now vested in learning and sharing as much of the important work started by Etsko Schuitema with the world at large as he can.

His passion has always been in the field of writing and speaking.

To this end, he studied Freelance Journalism at Intec College and got his National Diploma in Public Relations from the then Technikon Witwatersrand.

In the late 80s, he started his working career as public relations copywriter with the mining company, Fraser Alexander.

In that time he wrote more than 200 articles for the company that were published in various mainstream media and mining trade journals.

After that he worked for a number of public relations and marketing outfits.

In 1998 he took the plunge and started his own marketing, sales and copywriting consultancy.

His speaking and training career started when he qualified as a Dale Carnegie instructor.

Since then he has trained in excess of 10 000 delegates in sales, marketing and copywriting both locally and overseas.

He has ghost written two books for clients, one that became a best seller.

He has written two books for his own account: Edge of the Rain and Stop Losing Sales Now: Overcoming Objections.

He is currently working on a number of non-fiction E-Books. He is also inking a fiction series that includes a bewildered spy and a pug.

He is a prolific blogger and has more than 200 articles under his belt in this arena.

He is a Past President of the Professional Speakers Association, a Distinguished Toastmaster and a Toastmaster of the Year recipient.

When he is not speaking and writing, you’ll find him playing chess, catching bass and spending time with the apple of his eye, his 9-year-old daughter, Rebecca.


Charlotte Crisp

Charlotte grew up in South Africa in a rural setting surrounded by animals and a strong sense of community. The community relied on her family for many things which cultivated a sense of care and a spirit of ‘giving’ from a young age. This community based upbringing sparked an interest in working with and understanding people, this combined with a keen business interest led Charlotte into the field of Industrial Psychology.

Charlotte completed her BCom Industrial Psychology degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2012; her BCom Honours Industrial Psychology (with distinction) in 2013; and her MCom Industrial Psychology (cum laude) in 2014. Charlotte’s Master’s dissertation titled “appreciative leadership in relationship to work engagement” triggered a keen interest in leadership and the effects it has on employees and businesses.Charlotte is currently completing her Industrial Psychology internship through Schuitema and hopes to start her PhD in the near future. Charlotte is passionate about leadership and employee wellbeing and hopes to make this the focus of her career and future research.

Charlotte currently lives on a small holding which allows her to work and live her passion – show-jumping. Charlotte has been a competitive show-jumper for 14 years and has represented Gauteng numerous times on a range of different levels. Charlotte currently has 2 horses competing at an open level and most of her free time goes into keeping them fit and ready for competition. When she is not riding, Charlotte loves spending time outdoors and in nature, often competing in trail running and mountain biking events.


Muhammad Faisal

Head of UBM Advisory Services Member, UBM Board of Trustees Formerly served as Head of HR, Head of Shariah Compliance, Head of Information Services in a pharmaceutical firm Visiting Faculty, Iqra University

Muhammad Faisal is an MBA (Marketing) with over two decades of rich experience in the corporate world. Having worked at major multinational and national organizations including Siemens, he has served at senior leadership positions as Head of HR, Head of Information Systems and Head of Shariah Compliance. He is an expert on linking strategy with execution (through Balanced Scorecard), Change Management, Competency Assessment, Succession Management, Talent Management, Job Evaluations and also supervision of Lean-Sigma projects.

At a very young age, he was awarded by Siemens for outstanding performance as Project Manager for Culture Change. During this time, he also developed a Leadership Excellence intranet website which was included in the global Good Practices Database of Siemens AG.

Equipped with solid understanding of business, Faisal has trained hundreds of people on diverse subjects such as Leadership, People Management, Balanced Score Card, Culture Change, Personal Excellence, Teaching Excellence, Interviewing Skills, Performance Appraisals, Communication Skills etc.

Since 2011 he was actively involved in the Shariah Compliance initiative of a pharmaceutical organization where he successfully supervised gap analysis, implementation and audits. He simultaneously worked on Ubudiyyah Business Model (an ethically compliant business model) along with a team of scholars and professionals and as a Project Manager, played a key role in its development. Further, with his in-depth experience of Change Management, he designed a unique performance management system that facilitates development of an Ethical Workplace Culture.

When he first attended a ‘Care & Growth’ workshop he was greatly moved by the idea of ‘Unconditional Giving’. This led to the resolve to check and correct his intention before every transaction. While this transformation is immensely satisfying, it also becomes a source of pain when one sees that all the conflict that exists is due to the intent of ‘getting’; whatever problems individuals, groups, corporations or governments have created, are a consequence of their self serving interests. He therefore disagrees with the idea of ‘maximizing profits’

Faisal loves nature. He believes that if one gives attention to nature, he is bound to end up in a state of awe by the magnificence of everything – the colors, the flavors, the textures, the time, the space, the joy, the sorrow, the journey of one’s life… and so on. And there is someone out there who is giving us everything unconditionally.

Faisal has translated into English several works of renowned scholars of Islam. He speaks Urdu, English and German and is presently learning Arabic.


Angela Donnelly

BCOM – Specialisation in Management

Angela joined Schuitema in 2016 after making a deeply personal decision to off-ramp corporate life and focus on family and her passion for people excellence. She has enjoyed a career filled with personal growth, discovery and learnings. Her last 10 years have been with the FirstRand Group, mainly RMB, where she got to build learning capabilities in the Private Bank, then the Corporate Bank and most recently, the Investment Bank. In these various roles, she also championed Innovation and worked with the core culture team driving change and transformation with the integration of the Corporate Bank into the Investment Bank during 2013 and 2014. Her highlight was being afforded the opportunity to undergo the RMB Internal Coaching Training which further heightened her ambition to work more actively in the space of unlocking potential for excellence in individuals and organisations alike.

Prior to this, she loved her time with Unilever, spent supporting a global Innovation tool with lots of travel and the opportunity to live and work in Milan, Italy. Upon her return to South Africa, she completed her ETDP certifications whilst working in various industries as a training consultant. She also played an active role in launching SAP Business One for the SME market in South Africa after completing her SAP Business One Implementation Consultant certification.

Angela gained her first exposure to Schuitema and the Care and Growth Model, in her role as Head of Learning and Development for the RMB Private Bank and later, the FNB Wealth Segment. Here she witnessed first-hand the powerful impact this philosophy made on herself, and so many others in leadership roles at the time. She has been a Care and Growth evangelist ever since, and is thrilled to be able to finally focus so much of her energy (of which she has lots!) on something so significant to her, in this next chapter of her own personal journey.

Angela is married to Sean who works in the dynamic world of digital media and advertising. They met 22 years ago in the dawn of South Africa’s new democracy. Over the years they have travelled extensively abroad, roughing it out of backpacks where occasional youth hostels were considered a luxury! They have three amazing daughters, Ella (aged 7) and Mia and Lily (aged 5) and hope to one day live back near the beach.

In Angela’s words: “I am fascinated by cultures, be they native, foreign or my personal favourite…corporate cultures! I have an avid interest in human behaviour and group dynamics and love to watch the magic created when the formula is cracked. I once read this quote by the author E.A Bucchianeri: “Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas.” I say rubbish! Get your hands on as many canvases as you like, and paint away!



Andries Nieuwoudt

Andries joined the Schuitema team recently in 2016 from a career in mining and smelting spanning 25 years. Originally qualified as a psychometrist with a B Com (Hons) in HR he soon started to build a career in operational HR management, first in Anglo Platinum and then in Samancor Chrome. His experience covers every aspect of Human Resources, including some of the more unpopular exploits in HR like large-scale retrenchments, managing disputes with unions and conducting wage negotiations. Early in his career he discovered that he had a special talent for coaching and training and this remained his frequently practised passion during the 18 years he spent as an HR Manager. He developed programmes specifically aimed at training supervisors and managers to “confront” their subordinates personally, realising that many of them lacked the courage and the skill to do so. Eventually he decided to bid the operational HR life farewell and join the Schuitema team to practise his passion full-time.

On the personal side he has enjoyed being married to Cornelia for 25 years, has two children that he absolutely adores and who is both studying at university currently, Riaan in electrical engineering and Anneke in psychology. His passions include many fitness sports, amongst others paddling (he has done the Duzi and Fish), mountain biking, running and hiking (he has hiked the Fish River Canyon 4 times). He managed a marathon club for Samancor Chrome for 9 years, seconding some top-class athletes in the Comrades. The team had many top 10 finishes culminating in a win for Gift Kelehe with his coach John Hamlet in 2015. He loves photography, reads everything he can lay his hands on and plays piano in his spare time. He also has a passion for green living and resides on a small-holding where he practices small-scale farming and some strange hobbies like making soap and jam and keeping bees.


David April

BA STD (UWC) Masters Degree in Psychology (M.Psych, UWC)
Professional Coaching Certificate (ACC, Professional Coaching Certificate, UCT GSB)
Registered Psychologist with Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS0055050)

David has worked with Schuitema as an associate since 2000 as has found deep resonance with the core thematic that underlies the Leadership model. He has since then established an enduring relationship with Schuitema, becoming a sought after facilitator, trainer and consultant of its flagship leadership and coaching programmes in South Africa. His relationship with Schuitema has matured to that of Partner. While he services a range of industries, he developed a special interest in the Mining industry and has worked extensively in the Platinum and Ferrochrome sector. He also designs and delivers bespoke executive and workplace coaching programmes.

David’s career started in education where he served as subject and career specialist in the Western Cape. In 1996 he qualified as psychologist, earning his registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and served for three years in the Military Health Services arm of the South African Defence Force facilitating Leadership and Change Management interventions with senior officers post -1994. Later he served as consultant psychologist supervising the training of intern psychologists at the Student Counseling Centre, University of the Western Cape.

In support of his early interest in the academic development of people he has since lectured in Organisational Behaviour at the South African College for Applied Psychology and later became a member of the institution’s Academic Board. He is a certified Professional Coaching and has served as certification panellist for the Centre for Coaching and external examiner on the MBA Coaching elective at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. He has served as Executive coach to a range of organisations including BATSA, Vodacom, Chevron, Nedbank, FNB, Lonmin and PEP. He is currently supporting the development of executive coaches-in-training on the Wits MMBEC programme.

David is married to Janice (Educational Specialist) and has three grown sons Matthew (Biokineticist), John (Environmental GIS) and Andrew (budding entrepreneur). The mature family life-stage that he currently enjoys, allows him the freedom to travel extensively on assignment in Africa. He is a keen cyclist, self-taught organist and active member in his local community.


Pam Pretorius

Pam had a blissful childhood, growing up in the former Transkei on a rural trading station (general dealer) near the town of Idutywa, Pam spoke Xhosa fluently from a young age. Her initial years of schooling were in the Eastern Cape at Idutywa and East London where she matriculated. Her tertiary education was at the University of Natal where she graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Industrial Psychology and Sociology.

After five years in the employment placement industry and having quickly progressed into a full management role, Pam joined Unilever where she primarily in Human Resources and Communication. She spent her first two years as part of a major transformation project in a subsidiary before being seconded to a major communication project at Levers. This involved developing and delivering a strategy to prepare staff and management across the country for the transformation of South Africa to a more democratic and fair society and ultimately to enable the company to begin to reflect these changes internally.

In her final three years Pam ran the Training and Development department for the soaps manufacturing business and it was during this period (1990 – 1993) that Pam was introduced to the Care and Growth model. Over the years, Etsko Schuitema ran a number of Care & Growth workshops to develop the leadership ability on the site…

After a sojourn in the year of 1994 when Pam and her husband, Ben travelled around southern Africa in their Land rover, Pam joined an Organisational Transformation Consultancy and worked with them for a number of years, initiating, shaping and implementing transformation processes with stakeholders both within and outside client organisations in South Africa’s private and public sector. This work was extremely challenging and rewarding as it enabled her to give expression to her desire to see real change happen in all corners of South Africa.

The 1994 travels had awakened a desire for Pam and Ben find a way to combine their passion for the outdoors and camping with a way to earn a living by making a difference in rural South Africa. They launched the Ufudu Fly fishing Experiences that operated for seven years in rural Pondoland and rural Maputaland. They successfully built a name for providing an excellent fly fishing experience that was consistently sensitive to local people and the environment. Pam was responsible for handling the marketing, new business development, communications and staff development.

During this time, Pam had stayed in touch with the development of the Care and Growth Model and all its applications after being exposed to it more than a decade previously. This led to her joining Schuitema in 2007, offering the combination of her business, frontline leadership and consulting experience to her clients.

Although Pam is still a business partner, Ben has continued to offer the Ufudu a range of fly fishing products and services to their local and international clients.

Pam and Ben live on just over two acres in the leafy suburb of Kloof, near Durban in a quaint stone and thatched home with their three cats. They still run their fly fishing business from home and Pam also uses this as her office base. She continues to keep active with regular mountain biking and yoga and loves birding, reading non-fiction and hosting friends and family to delicious feasts around their big dining room table.


Shahbano Aliani

Shahbano earned a BBA (Hons) from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Pakistan, along with a gold medal for graduating on the top of her class in 1989.  In 1994, she earned an MSc from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  She spent ten years working for social justice issues in New York City and received the Union Square Award from the Fund for the City of New York in 2000. By 2002, she like many activists, she experienced burn out, and was forced to reconsider her approach to her life in general, and her work in particular.

In 2006, Shahbano decided to work in the development sector in Pakistan.  Here, she also struggled to define ethical leadership and authentic contribution to the lives of the poor people her organization served.

After attending a Personal Excellence Workshop by Etsko Schuitema in 2010, she went into a process of introspection to become more conscious of her intent and started applying the Intent Thematic in both her professional and her personal life.  This turned out to be immensely rewarding, helping her to understand some of the issues she had struggled with all her life.  As she became aware of her own intent and deliberately put her attention on giving, many situations previously fraught with confusion became clear, allowing her to decide and act appropriately.  In other situations conflict and problems disappeared altogether, simply as a result of the shift in intent.  Metaphorically, the experience was akin to the lifting of a fog that had been clouding her vision, and had prevented her from walking in the right direction.  Suddenly, things magically and effortlessly started falling into place.

In her work, Shahbano has always strived to contribute to society in a meaningful way, while doing what is right.  She has a life-long fascination with the issues of inner growth, ethical leadership and the conditions that inspire people to transcend their self-interest, to excel and contribute.

Shahbano brings with her experience in leadership, gender relations, social justice, strategy and project design, team building, communications, and fundraising (marketing).

Married and the mother of one daughter, Shahbano’s personal interests include poetry and calligraphy.


Omair Rana

Omair grew up in the UAE, where his father ran a photography business. His early education at the British schools in Al Ain and Dubai helped him form the base of one of the most loved interests later in life; to learn about the diversified cultures around the world. He moved to Lahore, Pakistan in 1991 with his mother and elder brother, finished school and got an external degree in Economics and Management from the London School of Economics. His real pride however, was the Roll of Honour he received for his services in Drama and the various accolades won at various Debate competitions, since his greater interest always was The other side of academics; the co curricular.

Omair reluctantly walked the same path as the majority of our young men and found a desk job at Habib Rafiq Technologies to earn a ” decent living and support a family”. The 8 to 6 monotonous working hours and the cut throat world of Sales and Marketing made him realise soon enough that he was not meant to have a career in the Corporate World.

He took a leap of faith and quit his job in 2002 to start a career in Drama and Theatre, his first love. He formed a production company by the name of Real Entertainment Productions, started directing school theatre plays and got an acting job in a TV sitcom. Since then his production company has staged about 60 theatre plays, he has introduced O level Drama in Pakistan and seen through five batches, acted in various TV dramas, TV commercials, starred in three movies and acted in numerous stage plays including a play staged in the Cultural Olympiad staged at the Shakespeare Globe theatre London. He has furthered the cause of debates in Pakistan by starting off debate clubs on various educational institutions and voluntarily serving as the Vice President of the Debating Society of Pakistan for five years. Omair is also an experienced management trainer having worked for various companies involved in corporate training.

Omair LOVES the Arts. He is a free soul who can spend days in the park listening to music, reading prose & poetry and watching stars at night.

Omair has started working for Schuitema only recently. He has personally applied the Schuitema philosophy at challenging times of his own life, and believes that it altered his thinking, daily dealings and approach towards life, definitely for the better. Strive to do the right thing is the motto that defines his life now. He also believes that one must never shy away from learning. This is why he’s pursued a career which makes one learn everyday, teaching and training.


Faique Fakier

Faique was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He enjoys outdoor adventure based activities, and is a keen gardener, who particularly enjoys keeping bonsai trees. He is an avid artist and has established an online art gallery, called ‘Expressions of Faith’. He collects Arabian, Persian and Moroccan antiques and aspires to travel the world to experience it’s rich diversity and collect these fragments of history. He is married to his wife Saadiqa and they are blessed to have two beautiful children, a daughter (Safiyyah) and son (Izzudeen).

After attaining a strong foundation, in the form of a 4-year B.Sc. degree majoring in Mathematics towards Actuarial Science, from the University of Witwatersrand, and upon an earnest evaluation of his strengths, he came to the realisation that he had more to offer the industry and society as a whole, than that which he was being equipped for. His strengths include an aptitude for mathematics and problem solving, as well as strong interpersonal skills, a keen interest in the business world and a sincere concern for humanity. He is determined to effect positive change in the lives of the people he comes into contact with, and it is this which motivates his aspirations as an individual. He began his journey into the working world through the Financial Services Industry as a Senior Financial Advisor for Sage Financial, Momentum and then Liberty Life.

In 2006 he opened his own financial services brokerage through which he offered holistic solutions to his clients. In building his own corporate ladder as opposed to climbing another’s, he was presented with the opportunity to lead, nurture and develop ambitious individuals. This ultimately led to great professional satisfaction and invoked a deep interest in leadership theory.

In 2008 he completed a Bcom Honors Degree in Financial Planning through the University of Johannesburg where he received an award for the top overall achievement, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma (C.F.P.) through the Financial Planning Institute (F.P.I.). It was also at this point that he was honored with membership to the Golden Key International Honors Society as well as the Mensa International High-IQ Society.

He has a strong belief that a disciplined and methodical approach to ones work is important whilst incessantly displaying the highest standards of professional ethics. His strongest points are self-discipline and determination, in addition to being exceptionally rational and astute.

He leads a balanced life and has tried to experience as much as possible. In pursuit of personal fulfillment, he founded a Non-Profit organisation during 2012, the ‘Tazkiyah Foundation’, an agent of change, focused on benevolence as well as cognitive and spiritual development. This was done in an effort to provide for his community in ways that the business sector and government couldn’t, ultimately aimed at making a positive difference in people’s lives. He still devotes much of himself to this initiative. It was through this organization that he met Etsko, at a weekend workshop for Personal Excellence. Intrigued and connecting with the model on a deeply personal level, he proceeded to further learn from Etsko’ s books, communications and in person as often as he could. He began incorporating the lessons from Schuitema’s Intent and Leadership thematic , into every aspect of his life, and the resultant peace, understanding and appropriateness permeated throughout.

In that same year (2012) he began an exciting and challenging career with Guardrisk Life, a then subsidiary of Alexander Forbes, as a Portfolio Manager. Dealing with many different businesses brought him to the realisation that businesses, irrespective of their function or service could benefit from incorporating these concepts into the ethos of the organisation. In 2012 he also began studying toward a Mcom in Business Management, through one of our country’s leading Universities and has recently completed his thesis entitled Spiritual Capitalism: The significance of incorporating religious or spiritual values in Business Management.

He began working as a Human Excellence Consultant with Schuitema in 2015 and is excited and grateful for the opportunity to realise his passion, which is to effect beneficial and lasting change in people’s lives.


Thandie Balfour

MA – Industrial Psychology

Thandie is currently working as an independent Organisational Development specialist. She has over 15 years’ experience in the field of Human Resources Management and Organisational Development, where she has served in various capacities such as; recruitment consultant, performance management specialist, training and development manager, talent management specialist and change management specialist for various organisations across several different industries and sectors.

She has worked largely in the leadership development arena within a number of organisations focusing specifically on designing and developing training programmes for technical supervisors / team leaders who have been earmarked for managerial positions. Her area of speciality has been soft skills training such as personal effectiveness, leadership/management, human resources management, presentations and communication skills.

She successfully developed and ran a graduate recruitment and development programme for a packaging manufacturer, where the main purpose of the programme was to fast track socialisation into the organisation and in particular their growth into positions of leadership and responsibility. Her last role was for a leading business school in South Africa where she managed the design, development and delivery of management and leadership development interventions for corporates.

Her interests lie generally in the leadership development of junior to middle management (as a designer and as a facilitator), with special focus on soft skills. She is passionate about integrating, facilitating learning and as such is well versed in the art of inspiring and affecting change in those she facilitates. She has an extensive knowledge base on emotional intelligence, psychology and communication. Her core competencies include People Development, HR Management and Communication.

In between work and parenting an almost adult daughter, Thandie enjoys reading and writing and has self-published her first book.


Bengt Savén

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Licentiate in Production Economics Ph.D. in Business Administration

Bengt has devoted his working life to Operational and Leadership Development – mainly in industrial companies, but also as a researcher and educator at universities. In 1995 he received his Ph.D. for a thesis about decisions support for developing manufacturing systems and in 2001 he was appointed part time professor in Change Management.

In industry he has for example held positions as Production Engineer and Production Engineering Manager at ABB in Sweden and Australia, as well as Production Manager, Lean Manager and Director of Operations (COO) at Saab. He has also been the assistant to the scientific counsellor at the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC.

It was as the deputy CEO and member of the board for Denel Saab Aerostructures in South Africa he come in contact with Schuitema and the Care and Growth Model. He was fascinated and inspired by the model and decided to use it for leadership development of the close to 80 managers in the company.

Bengt has since his stay in South Africa (2006-2008) spent a lot of time to integrate his own leader experiences with his new inspirations from Care & Growth and Lean. It resulted in a book (the Leader’s Ladder, so far only in Swedish) that has been very well received in Sweden, not only in industry but also in hospitals and municipalities.

Bengt currently works with project management and leader support within Saab and through networks & lean leadership programs arranged by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Linkoping University.

Bengt is the father of a daughter and a son, and he likes to spend his free time with family and friends. He also finds the time to exercise, e.g. at the gym or in some down-hill ski area, as well as relaxing and fishing in the lake by his summerhouse in southern Sweden.


Armand Kruger

BA(HONS) (psychology) 1969 (UP) MA (psychology) 1972 (UP) Good News Junky (1981) NLP International Trainer 1989 Neuro-Semantics founder South Africa 2000 International LAB Profiling Consultant 2005 Strengths Profiler and Consultant 2009

Armand Kruger was born near the coast in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Grew up in the high days of the railroad community in South Africa. Trained as train driver, just for fun. He qualified as a clinical psychologist at the University of Pretoria in 1972. Since 1973 he has been working with one burning question: How do successful people do it differently? To answer that question he went outside of mainstream psychology to find cognitive process models that will capture the essence of success. His platform is being a good news junky: not only the difference, more importantly, what is the good news?

His NLP-career started in 1983 in America. He became an international trainer in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He has taught NLP in Austria, South Africa, Switzerland, USA and Zimbabwe. In 1989 he became the first internationally qualified NLP-trainer in South Africa. In the same year (1989) he trained the first group of South African, internationally recognized, NLP-practitioners. This initiative became his platform to describe the pattern and process of peak performers. He is qualified to do the complex alternative process of modeling/deconstruction of peak performers. The thinking was: if one person or group can do it, how does one transfer this to other people?

The very innovative work and thinking of Michael Hall, founder of Neuro-Semantics, inspired him further. He has been involved with Neuro-Semantics, and its founder Dr. Hall, since 1997. Armand is responsible for introducing Neuro-Semantics to South Africa in 2000.

Cognitive processes of experts run at a very high neurological speed, but reflect in their thinking, internal experience, and language and behaviors. Language being the one reliable external expression of internal processes, Armand qualified as an International Language-and-Behavior-profile consultant through the Success Strategies Institute of Shelle Rose Charvet in 1999.

Armand was trained with the Go MAD Research & Consulting Group (2005-2007) in the United Kingdom and is a certified GoMAD coach. He has done GoMAD coach training for the GoMAD Research & Consulting Group in partnership with the Northwest University, Vaal Triangle Campus.

He trained with African Mosaic and is a certified Strengthsfinder Coach.

To help clients with solutions to problems, typically one for which a number of other options have been tried without getting the outcome that they really wanted, Armand designed alternative solutions for the clients. His starting point is what does the experts, peak performers, successful people do consistently well and different? Below is a list of some of the modelling/deconstruction projects done in the process of designing solutions for his clients.

Since his specialty is modelling and duplicating Peak Performance, he works across a broad spectrum of industries. Acting primarily as a catalyst, he assists companies to capitalize on what they already know how to do successfully. Essentially, he works with the strengths, successes and outcomes of people and companies. The aim of his work is to commit companies/individuals to their own consistent success.

He has published in various national (Successful Salesmanship, People Productivity, Human Resources Journal, Management Today) magazines. Additionally, more than 15 articles have appeared in international magazines like Anchor Point and NLP World. Most of his articles can be read at

Armand has described the thinking strategies of a variety of excellent performers in their respective fields.

He trained with African Mosaic and is a certified Strengthsfinder Coach. When not doing research or practicing psychology, Armand is an avid reader and collector of books. He enjoys the world of rally racing and fast cars, training at the local gym, and the company of good friends.

Anna Pucar Rimhagen

Anna represents Schuitema in Sweden, and is based in Östergötland, situated right in between Stockholm and Göteborg.

Anna gained her experience and expertise in human development in different leading roles within the telecommunication and IT company Ericsson, where she has worked as a teacher, line manager, technical specialist, team leader, coach and change leader. She has always thoroughly enjoyed holding workshops, courses and presentations and during later years she focused more and more on coaching assignments for individuals, teams and organizations.

Anna first heard about the Schuitema Human Excellence Group’s Intent Thematic during an inspirational talk held by Etsko in Linköping, Sweden in May 2015. She immediately felt the profoundness and truth in it, bought the Care and Growth Leadership book and read it with enthusiasm. When The Two Sandals was published, she also took this book to heart and was even further intrigued. Wanting to learn more, she made contact with Schuitema in South Africa. After about half a year, arrangements could be made to travel to South Africa to spend valuable time there to understand the thematic in depth, get to know the Schuitema people and make new friends and also to come to an agreement about starting up Schuitema Sweden.

Through her own company in Sweden, Anna now offers Schuitema’s full range of services and products, as well as consulting assignments such as Agile and Lean coaching. She believes that this combination of the Intent Thematic with Agile and Lean principles and practice will offer great value to clients; as she is convinced that Agile and Lean ways of working can benefit dramatically from a Care and Growth type of leadership.

Anna is the co-author of a book on Agile and Lean coaching methods and exercises, written in collaboration with her coaching network, The Giraffes.

Anna’s family is large, consisting of her husband Nenad and four grown-up children: Dejan, Elin, Denis and Elsa. Thankfully, Elsa still lives at home and the older ones come home fairly often, too. No grandchildren yet, but she is crossing her fingers and hoping for many in due time! In her spare time she enjoys exercise, especially bicycling. She is the chairman of the Swedish bike event Vätternrundan and is also a leader for cycling groups with the local bicycle club.


Afia Mansoor

Afia Mansoor grew up in Karachi in a typical urban setting.

After completing an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, she worked in several organizations from various sectors such as publishing, banking and education but felt something was sorely missing in her need for fulfillment and finding meaning in her life and work.

She came across the Schuitema thematic when she attended the Personal Excellence Program by Etsko Schuitema in 2005. The content floored her because it clarified so many ambiguities for her and seemed to unravel further each time she applied it to her own self.

Eventually she joined Schuitema in 2009 because the pull was just too strong. She feels she has grown since her association with Schuitema because it has helped her through her own journey of self-discovery in life and at work. It has helped to put in so many pieces of the puzzle and she has delighted in enabling others at it as well.

Afia has enjoyed applying the thematic in different contexts such as mainstream corporates, education, family and society.

Alongside, she has dabbled as a writer with over a 100 articles published in some of the most prestigious publications of Pakistan. She has written mainly on themes concerning the media, performing arts, fashion, society and personal excellence and has interviewed local and international luminaries from various fields. She enjoys documenting and teaching the life choices of extraordinary Pakistanis.

She lives in Lahore and loves spending time in the mountains with her husband and three boys whenever the opportunity arises.

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